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Apartments Logar valley, Solčava

In the middle of intact nature ...
Where you'll feel more at home than home ...
In the shelter of the Savinja Alps!
Why do our guest visit us?
- because we are kind an helpful,
- because our house (apartments) feels pleasent and just like home,
- because the quality of materials and hand-made towards our guests,
- because the energy of the apartments radiates the energy of the natural materials integrated in them, such as wood, stone, lime, clay, oil, wax and wool.

BECAUSE we don't treat our gusts as guests, but as friends.

Our advantages

  • a new building made from natural materials,
  • deluxe apartments,
  • superior furnishing,
  • custom wooden furniture,
  • pampering in the private wellness,
  • therapy in a biospectrum chamber,
  • rental of electric vehicles - zero emissions,
  • many other sports activities in are.